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Candice Tucci is a certified hypnotist and a member of the National Guild Of Hypnotists.  She offers a client centered approach which helps people go within themselves to discover blocks that are holding them back from acheiving their goals.   Hypnosis is a safe, effective, and drug-free tool which provides a means of solving problems and making positive changes in lives. 

What is hypnosis?
Hypnosis is a profound state of relaxation, focus of mind, and stimulated sensory  awareness directed towards a specific goal. It is achieved when hypnotic techniques allow the client‘s brain waves to reach the level of alpha or below. We frequently pass in and out of this state without realizing it- for instance while daydreaming, and right before falling asleep.

How does hypnosis work?
Hypnotists provide a safe space and deliver certain techniques to help the client in changing and healing. All hypnosis is really self-hypnosis. The hypnotist guides the session, but cannot guarantee what the result will be, as the answer  lies within the subconscious mind of thee client. Hypnosis will help the client move away from past unwanted behaviors  towards desired goals.

What is a session like?
After filling out an intake form and discussing your goals for hypnosis, you will be guided into a deep state of relaxation. Even in this dream-like state you will remain alert, ability to speak, and will be open to positive suggestions. You can reject any suggestions that don’t feel comfortable for you. After the session you will emerge refreshed and ready to incorporate into your life the positive suggestions from the session.

Who can be hypnotized?
Some people are more highly suggestible than others, but most people can be hypnotized. Being able to use your imagination, focus, and follow instructions all help in achieving hypnosis.
*Misconceptions about hypnosis
*You are not asleep during hypnosis; it is a deep state of relaxation.
*You cannot be made to do or say anything  you do not wish to.
*You cannot become “stuck” in hypnosis.

Stress Management
Stress depletes our energy and can contribute to the disease process. Hypnosis allows the client an outlet for stress along with fresh perspective and tools for managing stressful feelings and coping with difficult situations in their lives. Hypnosis can aid with sounder sleep, lowered blood pressure, and pain reduction.

Weight Management
Hypnosis can help with weight management where diets have failed, because hypnosis deals with the heart of the problem, not just the symptoms. With true desire for change, hypnosis can assist with the desire to consume healthier foods, eat smaller portions, and engage in a more active lifestyle. It can help in breaking a pattern of emotional eating as well as developing enhanced body appreciation.  We will be offering hypnosis for the Virtual Gastric Band

Performance Improvement
Hypnosis is a great way to increase your self-confidence, allowing you to improve your natural abilities, while remaining focused on your goal. The possibilities are endless to assist with study habits, sports performance, public speaking, etc.

Almost any concern can safely be addressed with hypnosis including:
*Stress Management
*Weight Management
*Grief Management
*Smoking Cessation
*Public Speaking
*Sports Performance
*Fears and Phobias
*Relationship Issues
*Career Goals
*Spiritual Exploration
*Anger Management
*Improving study habits
*Confidence building
*Pain reduction
*Decision making
*Dealing with change

*Weight Loss Rate:  $380- ( 3 sessions, plus one reinforcement session)

All  individual sessions  are one and a half hours @ $100

Hypnosis Massage Sessions

Hypnosis massage is a new type of massage that combines massage with hypnosis.
If we accept that the general purpose of massage is to promote relaxation and well-being, hypnosis massage becomes stronger than other types of massage. Because, hypnosis massage gives deeper relaxation to client than other types of massage. Relaxation is a restoration of the balance between mind and body. Some techniques create relaxation through the body such as massage, walking and sport. While other techniques produce the relaxation response through the mind such as meditation, hypnosis and music. Hypnosis massage creates relaxation through the body and mind.

How does Hypnosis massage work?
Hypnosis is incorporated into the beginning of your massage session to help the body relax. 

Who can benefit from hypnosis massage?
All people can benefit from hypnosis and massage

Who can perform hypnosis massage?
Hypnosis massage is a tool as hypnosis that can be used for different subjects. Massage Therapists who have learned hypnosis can do this technique to their clients.

The benefits of hypnosis massage
Areas of benefit offered by hypnosis massage include:
Stress & Anxiety Release
Total Relaxation
Tension headaches
Self-esteem & Confidence
Pain Management
Fears & phobias release
depression recovery
Weight control
Sexual dysfunction
Recovery of addiction


Meditation Classes  Info Coming Soon (this will be available for corporate sessions as well)

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