When purchasing your gift certificates online we always suggest you create an account.  If you happen to lose your online purchase creating an account will make it easier to track them for you.  If you have any questions or issues please do not hesitate to call.  We are always here to help.  Gift Certificates can always be purchased in-house, over the phone or online. 

A Touch Above Wellness Spa

Gift Certificate Polcies: We do not allow gift certificates to be divided. Ex: and hour massage can not be divided into 2-30 minute sessions. We do allow a gift certificate for a package to be divided into different days. We understand everyone is on a tight schedule and sometimes our packages are a few hours in length so we do extend the courtesy to split your services up (can not be split between two different people). If you receive a certificate for services that you would prefer not to have you may convert your gift certificate to spa value and use for other services. Gift Certificates can not be used for retail or tipping. Gift Certificates must be presented at time of use. We do not extend any gift certificate or double take offer expiration's.  Upon booking services for a gift certificate you must have gift certificate number to reserve your services or we may not accept it upon check out.  While some of our gift certificates may not have an expiration we reserve the right to charge a 20%fee on the balance of the unused gc for each year not used after one year from the date the gift certificate was written due to dormancy.  Gift Certificates that are 4 years and older are non transferable. We do understand that things happen and sometimes Gift Certificates get forgotten.   Please try not to hold your gift certificates until they are ready to expire, we get very busy during holiday times and Saturdays especially and we really would like to see you use them. 

Refunds: Refunds are not given on product purchases or Gift Certificates. If you are unhappy with a service received you must call the spa within 24 hours of the time the service was done.

Lost or Stolen Gift Certificates: Please protect your gift certificates as if they were cash. We can not replace or reissue lost or stolen gift certificates. If you are purchasing them on line please login under your name to make your purchase easier to track. Gift Certificates issued in house are originals and can not be replaced if lost.

Stipulations for Holiday Specials: Gift Certificates purchased as specials can not be booked on Sundays or during the week of Valentines Day .